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She hated Gristina because she got stiffed out of some money, sources said. MANHATTAN — Ex-prostitute Rebecca Woodard confessed
The usual gang of idiots over at MAD Magazine have once again set their sights on the dumbest things of the year. 2013 had quite a few dumb things take place in it and, as ever, MAD took aim at political absurdities.
Until female politicians are engaged in scandal to the same extent as men and treated equally when their indignities are revealed, we cannot claim to have achieved parity in politics.
As Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer campaign for mayor and comptroller respectively, here's a brief video history of the
Is it worrisome that our federal government is paralyzed in partisan deadlock? Have we so little expectation of officeholders that we view politics as simply a sideshow; and if we vote at all, do we pull the lever based on nothing more than name recognition?
"Yes," Spitzer replied without hesitation. "I think, look, I hate to hide behind the line, 'Life is complicated.' But what
There might be more at stake in the race for comptroller of New York City than the future of former Gov. Eliot Spitzer. This could be a final referendum on the sex scandal as we know it, and a reboot on the level of intrusion into the private lives of public servants.
"I don't think I can shed light on what motivations -- I mean, other than to acknowledge that we have within us all drives
New Yorkers shouldn't sideline Spitzer.They (actually "We;" I'm a New York City voter) should give Spitzer a second chance at wielding power but keep him in harness.
During an appearance on "Morning Joe" on the morning of July 9, former New York governor Eliot Spitzer appeared to tear up when discussing the "pain" he has endured since his prostitution scandal in 2008.
During an appearance on "Morning Joe" Tuesday morning, former New York governor Eliot Spitzer appeared to tear up when discussing
An ex-madam who claims to have supplied former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer with hookers is now Spitzer's opponent in
Shortly after news broke Sunday night that disgraced former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer planned to enter the city's comptroller
With a surprisingly common-sense platform and a core of supporters not know for laziness, Kristin Davis is a force to be reckoned with. At the very least, she will be heard this time around -- starting now.
We pay a lot in taxes in New York. If it's going to medical care for the poor, count me in. If it's going to hush up sexual harassment charges against Vito Lopez, I want a refund.
New York's tabloids have been going crazy over the story of the "soccer mom Madam" who is alleged to have served up Eastern Europe's finest young exports to some of the richest men in America. But why are the women indicted, while the clients get off -- literally and figuratively?
WATCH: Every cable news show covered the Anthony Weiner scandal on Monday, but perhaps no program had as big an elephant
Male politicians have never been celebrated for their fidelity to their wives or their general propriety with women. Thomas Jefferson was a founding father in more ways than one.
My issue here is not that we do not prosecute our politicians adequately but the double standard that is placed on heterosexual and homosexual relationships.
Director Alex Gibney's account is a story with a motley cast of characters that only a screenwriter could dream up. It is a political intrigue tale, missing only a definitive "Deep Throat" anchor.