Elise Stefanik

The Times Union slammed Stefanik's silence on the scandals engulfing serial liar congressman Santos.
The rising House Republican star had been a potential candidate for the third-ranking spot in the party.
The New York House candidate has the endorsement of the third-ranked Republican in the House.
The website mocks the congresswoman's controversial ads echoing the "great replacement theory" in the wake of the Buffalo mass shooting.
The congresswoman condemned those who suggested she promoted the same “great replacement” message behind Saturday's shooting in Buffalo.
Rep. Elise Stefanik, meanwhile, doubled down on the racist conspiracy claim that Democrats are using immigrants to tilt the electorate in their favor.
The third-ranking House Republican's hometown newspaper denounced her "hateful rhetoric" months before the racist mass shooting in Buffalo, New York.
A staffer claimed she meant "children" grifters, not pedophile grifters, which still makes no sense.
The New York Republican also argued against providing formula for migrant's babies and saw no contradiction with describing herself as "pro-life."
The editorial board of Albany's Times Union asks the New York Republican "how low" she can go in its withering essay.