Elizabeth Blackburn

Geronimus said the findings of the new study, based on quantitative physiological research, "line up perfectly" with previous
The Nobel Prize is awarded in three science categories: physics, chemistry, and physiology or medicine. In 2012 each science prize was shared by a pair of researchers. Among this year's six laureates in these categories is the usual number of women: zero.
"Cortisol switch" is when you flip from the cortisol love -- which is where cortisol is helping you be productive, helping you focus, helping you feel on top of the world -- to the cortisol hate. You hit the wall.
By Thea Singer (Click here for the original article) Most of your studies look at telomere length in white-blood cells, but
View image Now consider an alternate angle, involving a proactive approach to monitoring aging. This attitude does not include
For the first time ever, three women won top science prizes and we saw the first woman in Nobel history awarded the economics prize. Girls are now just as good at math as the boys.
AP -- This year a record five women were honored by the Nobel committees. In total, only 40 women have won the prestigious