elizabeth cheney

"We don’t torture; we haven’t tortured," she insisted.
The daughter of the former vice president started her campaign off with a gaffe.
After staring down terrorists for eight years, former President George W. Bush is taking on a new challenge: a speaking gig
Time and time again, Elizabeth Cheney is given air time to scare, repeatedly lie and to desperately try to polish the scorched name of her disgraced father. She's a disembodied voice that gives false comfort to the fringes.
I -- It was just a matter of time before more of that reflection of the people's uncomfortable ... ness that they feel towards this administration is manifesting in these poll numbers.
The Obama "birther" movement has sucked in a few Republican congressmen. But Tuesday night the conspiracy theorists who think
The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that running for political office is on her horizon. "It's
If Liz chooses to follow in her dad's footsteps, she will have some pretty big and pretty evil shoes to fill. That's why it's important for Dick to ease her in. Keep her from being too evil, too soon.
When I worked at the library at Colorado College, I quickly discovered the job had few perks. The free book loans on demand
Cheney's aide-de-nepotism -- daughter, Elizabeth -- has once again rallied to his cause of pursuing war with Iran.