Elizabeth Esty

“In the terrible situation in my office, I could have and should have done better,” said Rep. Elizabeth Esty.
Lawmakers from both parties originally said they opposed the program because Rosoboronexport also sells weapons to the government
Elizabeth Esty spent the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, in a Washington briefing for newly elected members of Congress until a phone call interrupted. There had been a shooting in Newtown, a quiet, suburban town in Connecticut that was part of the district she had been elected to serve a month earlier.
"There are some days that I wish that I hadn't been at that firehouse, and there are some days when I wish that I hadn't
Team 26 is wearing Sandy Hook green jerseys that Rider #26 Chris McDonnell added the words and symbols: Hope, Peace, Love. This is all part of the Newtown Effect, and the message continues to spread.
On Wednesday, March 13, the day before the three-month anniversary of the tragedy in Newtown, I will travel to Washington, DC, and join mothers from more than 30 states for Moms Take the Hill Day.
Blumenthal said that he received a phone call on Monday from Facebook representatives, confirming that they will begin the
Our nation's children and families have suffered enough broken hearts. We are determined that children get a vote on common-sense gun safety measures to protect them from guns. Take action with us.
The online video, released Tuesday by House Majority PAC, features the seven singing the super PAC's praises for helping
Election Day comes a week after Superstorm Sandy blew in. Bridgeport, one of Connecticut's largest cities with one of the