elizabeth lesser

Speaking from experience, Elizabeth Lesser says that closure detracts from the "gift of grief."
Donor Elizabeth Lesser describes the process in one perfect sentence.
Elizabeth Lesser says her sister delivered a very important message.
The stories we tell ourselves can be toxic.
There are lonely people to help, rifts with friends to heal, family members to forgive. There are places to protect and defend and cherish. There are local issues where your voice could be an agent of calm and sanity. Your world is no different, no less worthy, no less needy than any other world you can imagine.
As Elizabeth suggests, we can discover that consciousness and love are synonymous, and move towards our purpose in the universe with sensitivity and awareness.
Nested in the hills of the Hudson Valley, a group of men took the stage to talk about what it means to be a man. The conversation continued throughout the weekend and was the first time men were invited to the annual conference Women and Power.
-- Tracy McMillan, author of Why You're Not Married... Yet "A bath!" "I love to light my fireplace and stare at the fire
This sense of freedom is something Oprah hopes for, too. "That is what I wish for myself. I wish for the freedom of other
Last year, author and Omega Institute co-founder Elizabeth Lesser learned that her sister Maggie's rare cancer had returned