Elizabeth Marvel

The political drama centers on post-election America in Season 6.
When Doerries puts on a show, a Greek chorus from the heavens sings praise of the scale of his ambition, and well, yes... hubris. He has taken the very same Greek dramatists that have inspired the culture wars and the politics of identity, and redeployed them in the service of public health.
So did you find inspiration from anyone currently in politics? I looked at Elizabeth Warren a lot. I looked at Bill Clinton
It's not a biopic nor is it a dense procedural like Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, but instead showcases the politics of perception and interpersonal relationships, contrasted with quieter, more intimate moments away from the media and others.
Roger Michell's Hyde Park on Hudson is half a good movie. When it focuses on the quirks and manipulations of international events, it crackles and pops -- and when it turns its attention to the soap-operatic romance, it settles into a dull hum.
In the living-room of the luxurious Palm Springs home where Jon Robin Baitz's Other Desert Cities takes place, a long, curved
When a play like Fifty Words dissects a relationship, it's hard not to take sides. A married couple, two lovers, a relationship of any kind that gets put through the wringer is invariably going to draw you in.