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The actor said Heigl, who was maligned for speaking out about working conditions on the ABC series, was "ahead of her time."
The "Grey's Anatomy" star said in September that the two once went toe to toe when Washington directed an episode of the ABC drama.
The longtime cast member and producer can't stop calling for the show's demise.
The two locked horns during an episode Washington directed.
The actor said her spouse, Chris Ivery, "had no idea what he was getting into."
The actor said she appreciated the feedback, adding that it was "definitely not easy" to keep the show's storylines fresh after so many years.
The show’s namesake might not survive another near-death experience, but what happens then?
The "Grey's Anatomy" star has a zero tolerance policy for pundits preaching "stupid selfish s**t" during the coronavirus outbreak.
Union was let go from "America's Got Talent," reportedly after complaining of racism on the reality show's set.
The "Grey's Anatomy" star has three children — Stella, Sienna and Eli.