ellen roberts

State Sen. Ellen Roberts quickly went from being a rarity in Colorado, a great Republican hope to defeat Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, to being just another common Colorado Republican implosion.
In her column, Pollitt provided the widely-known fact that insurance companies are not currently paying for the services and care provided by the LARC program.
A Republican state Senator in Colorado who says she believes pregnant women should have a "full array" of choices also said she wouldn't call herself pro-choice Tuesday, in an illustration of the rhetorical knots she must tie herself in as she considers challenging Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) next year. State Sen. Ellen Roberts (R-Durango), president pro tem of the chamber, shot to the top of the list of likely Bennet rivals earlier this week.
Democrats and reproductive rights groups say Roberts doesn't deserve to be called a moderate after voting this legislative
Senate Republicans went to bed thinking they had won control of both chambers in the legislature, but woke up this morning
The legislature gave final passage today to the 2010-11 budget, an $18.2 billion spending plan that is balanced through program
A marathon committee hearing continued late into the night Wednesday as a flood of business groups argued against eliminating