Elliott Abrams

The Minnesota Democrat's tangle with Trump's new special envoy to Venezuela shed light on Abrams' controversial career.
For over a century Christians of the Middle East have either been exploited by groups in the West, when it served Western interest to do so, or callously ignored. I care about them too much to see them being used again.
"Is this the Manpower company? Yes, well this is the president. I want you to come up with 1,400 top executives and, this
As the Syrian military killed more and more people, all 15 members of the U.N. Security Council for the first time condemned the government's use of force against civilians and its gross violations of human rights.
In a June 23 column, Elliott Abrams takes to task the signatories of a letter urging President Obama to present to Israel and Palestine clear parameters to frame negotiations for a two-state peace agreement.
One reason that conservatives are divided -- to put it generously -- about democracy in the Arab world is that for many of them their primary concern is not democracy or even the Arab world, but Israel.
Word has just reached us that Robert Kagan -- one of the top tier serious intellectuals among neoconservatives, and currently Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace -- is moving his franchise over to Brookings.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's arrival in Washington shortly after President Barack Obama's victory on health care reform had both symbolic significance and practical implications for the Likud leader.
The threat of a mad religious theocracy like the government of Iran becoming a nuclear power is far too serious an issue to allow partisan sentiment to cloud judgment.
When McCain asks what Obama would talk to Ahmadinejad about, he is revealing not only a total misunderstanding of diplomacy, but an opposition to a deal that keeps Iran non-nuclear.