Elliott Broidy

The Justice Department says Broidy, who previously paid off a former Playboy model, pushed to drop an embezzlement investigation.
Prosecutors appear to be investigating whether Broidy exploited his access to President Trump for personal gain.
The former Playboy model also says in the complaint that the major Republican donor thought Donald Trump was "an idiot."
The major Trump campaign fundraiser was forced to resign earlier this year.
Contrary to speculation about a secret affair with Trump, two sources say Shera Bechard has had no contact with the president.
GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy says Qatar leaked his emails to reporters in retaliation for his criticism of the Qatari government.
The hackers are improving their strategies for stealing private emails to sway public actions.
Elliott Broidy envisioned a team of 5,000 "Muslim soldiers recruited from Arab and Islamic nations."
The messages suggest that Elliott Broidy tried to use his influence with the Trump administration for personal gain.
In the NY pension fund scandal, we are at risk of seeing the principle of "equal justice for all" being savaged as people who engaged in really bad behavior seem to be getting off with remarkably lenient sentences.