ellis island

"The level of your hypocrisy is amazing. You laud your immigrant journey while doing nothing to stop the cruelty at our southern border," replied one Twitter user.
"Never forget where you came from, and never forget or deny this place."
“This is the harbor where Frederick Trump arrived from Germany and whose grandson would become president of the United States."
We’ve replaced the open doors of Ellis Island with the cages of ICE detention centers.
I benefit from an inheritance that has provided me with a level of comfort, access and power directly tied to our whiteness.
The apple itself was an immigrant too, one of the earliest to this country. From Kazakhstan in 328 B.C. to Macedonia with Alexander the Great, on to Rome and with the Romans then all the way up North, to England where it got its name.
"My father escaped the Nazi occupation by coming to US by visa... Grateful that the immigration policy saved his life - & mine."
This time, though, Yehudi told me he did not think things were going to go well. He feared that there would be increasing
Using one camera and one light source, Seliger sought to capture the participants in the nation's ongoing fight for LGBTQ civil rights.
However Trump didn't see this. Just as he doesn't see the collateral damage his remarks are causing not just to Muslim-Americans