The Silk Sonic member said joining "Sesame Street" was a "dream come true."
A video of the Muppet’s rage over Rocco the Rock being offered a cookie instead of him has unearthed a “Sesame Street” feud we didn’t know we needed.
Tango, a brown-and-white pooch, will make her debut on the children's program in August with an animated special. Her live-action incarnation is in the works, too.
“This is a disgusting reminder to be cautious about who you let into your home," said the sheriff in Oakland County, Michigan.
Elmo, the beloved “Sesame Street” character, found himself victim of Tucker Carlson’s ranting monologue.
The Fox News host isn't happy about "Sesame Street" characters explaining protests to children.
"Elmo's Playdate" will feature Muppets and celebrity guests Anne Hathaway, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tracee Ellis Ross.
"Every parent is basically Oscar the Grouch: cranky, unshowered, and living in a trash can."
Former first lady Michelle Obama was awarded for her work helping children at the “Sesame Street” 50th Anniversary Benefit Gala.
The CNN host mocks the "1600 Sesame Street" president.