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His supposedly "complicated" politics are actually crystal clear.
CEO Elon Musk suggested Ella Irwin's departure as trust and safety head may have been related to a decision to limit the reach of a transphobic film.
The New York representative had expressed frustration after Twitter owner Elon Musk amplified an account using her name.
European Commissioner Thierry Breton said Twitter was still subject to tough new digital rules. "You can run but you can't hide."
The former president took his war against his onetime protégé and now 2024 rival to a new level.
The Florida governor will wage a very online campaign to oust a very offline president.
"This link works," the president said, directing Twitter users to a donation site for his and Vice President Kamala Harris' reelection.
"That's unfortunate," Elon Musk said as Twitter struggled to host the event.
Jack Sweeney, the 20-year-old who was once banned from Twitter for posting the real-time movements of Elon Musk’s jet, has a new target: Gov. Ron DeSantis.
The two men are expected to speak over Twitter Spaces on Wednesday.