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He sees Tesla vehicles that will allow drivers "to sleep, read or do anything else enroute to your destination."
Model X owners should avoid carrying passengers in the third row of seats until repairs are made.
Few product launches in recent memory have captured as much attention as last week's unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle (EV), Tesla's first vehicle pitched at the mass market.
Tesla has crowds stirring over its new Model 3 coming to stores March 31. The Model 3 will be the affordable electric car and industry experts already anticipate Black Friday like crowds and lines.
Elon Musk and Tesla have cornered their niches, they've turned customers into evangelists, and most importantly, they provide online users with a positive experience based around useful content instead of zealous sales pitches around every corner.
However, The Wall Street Journal article throttled Theranos to the core. In it, writer John Carreyrou charged that the technology
"It certainly does end up being a lot. I wake up and I'm like, where am I?"
Tesla's CEO says the Volkswagen scandal is minor compared with carbon dioxide emissions.
Musk's rebuttal comes in response to excerpts The Washington Post shared Monday from author Ashlee Vance’s new book, Elon
Apple probably won’t buy Tesla, no matter how badly shareholders want to see the pair unite.
Elon Musk is supposedly building a test track for Hyperloop -- his futuristic high-speed transportation system that would
The Roadster, introduced in 2008, will be able to cruise up the coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco with the new longer
The product launch reached near-Apple levels of anticipation last week after Musk sent out a cryptic, and widely lampooned
Unlike many of the other contenders for top CEO, Musk is not just dedicated to wealth. He is building businesses to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing humanity.
Since the end of 2012, Tesla's stock has gone from about $33 to about $290. That's a gain of 745 percent. Even with today's