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Amazon is arguing in a legal filing that the 88-year-old National Labor Relations Board is unconstitutional.
From Taylor Swift to Jay-Z — it seemed like all the A-listers made it to the big game.
Carano is seeking at least $75,000 in damages, as well as a court order that would force Lucasfilm to recast her.
Musk's Neuralink is one of many groups working on linking the nervous system to computers, aimed at treating brain disorders, overcoming brain injuries and more.
A judge says the tech mogul can't accept a compensation package awarded by Tesla’s board of directors.
Social media platform X has blocked some searches for Taylor Swift as pornographic deepfake images of the singer have circulated online.
The billionaire visited the former Nazi death camp with podcaster Ben Shapiro and the founder of the European Jewish Association.
Mike Dirnt, the band's co-founder, weighed in on the "American Idiot" tweak that got Trump lovers ― and Elon Musk ― upset.
The employees had alleged that the rocket company failed to address a culture of sexism and discrimination.
A transparency report regarding moderation on X, formerly Twitter, is due on Monday.