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Anyone is capable of troll behavior, according to recent research from Stanford University and Cornell University. Wake-up
One survey respondent observed, "Humanitarian aid work is more and more like firefighting.  We are not the ones in charge
That starts with students beginning the academic year ready to act on what matters most for their own learning. Analyzing
One of the most important lessons I took from this experience was that religion does have so many positive things about it.
An Elon University football player has died after falling from a 10-story dormitory on the campus of the University of North
Elon University’s Religious Studies professor, Hans Arneson, has been dismissed from his position after administrators learned
Which other TV show credits do you think are worthy of recreation? Despite "Friends" ending almost a decade ago, the show
Williams, the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, spoke on Saturday to Elon's class of 2013, which includes his
This report is syndicated with permission from partners at BroBible.com. Follow them on Twitter! I came to at the bottom
We went through the most substantive rankings of 2012, and combined them into one, epic slideshow that wraps up the year
Chick-fil-A was at the center of a very public controversy this summer after its president and COO, Dan Cathy, openly declared
Even if they do know of the issue, they quickly brush it off using various ideas to ease their consciences. That they feel they aren't full members of Alamance County may be one reason; the fact that their permanent addresses are in another state could be another.
Some colleges just have a better atmosphere for making friends. It can be fairly easy to feel like a cog in a big machine
A freshman at Elon University collapsed on campus Friday morning and died, the university reported. Michelle A. Pfleger was