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Elopement meant forgoing the opportunity to publicly declare ourselves in front of friends and family, but for me and my husband, it allowed for a dream wedding.
Elopements are increasing in popularity, especially among younger couples. The reasons people choose to elope are extremely
Nowadays, elopements are an increasingly popular option for couples to say ‘I do’ without all of the pressure that comes
Prices of weddings will continue to rise, people will get busier and busier, and the demand for traditional weddings will decline. Pop-up weddings are here to stay and will be seen as a common wedding option in the future.
Bigger isn't always better -- just ask these couples.
The logistics of the ceremony itself are a piece of cake, next to the potential for hurt feelings, regret and guilt that can accompany the aftermath of an elopement.
Elope (ɪˈləʊp) verb; run away secretly in order to get married. Work out what you LOVE and (literally) take it from there
Strapped with a GoPro, the Siberian Husky did a pawsitively good job.
When planning to get married, what happens when you suddenly realize that you don't want to spend your hard-earned money on a party for 100 people? And that you don't even know 100 people you like enough to spend money on?
When you're engaged to be married, but buried under catering menus, to-do lists, and secret Pinterest boards featuring enough decorative twigs to build the world's largest bird's nest, forgoing a huge wedding for a combination elopement/honeymoon can look rather appealing.
Wedding season is in full swing, but often the big event that is supposed to be filled with love and happiness is consumed with stress and guilt for the blissful couple. It doesn't and shouldn't have to be that way.