elvis costello

Elvis Costello, Patti Smith and Mavis Staples will be among the dignitaries expected for the opening of the Bob Dylan Center.
The new book, “The Philosophy of Modern Song,” features more than 60 essays about songs and songwriters Dylan admires, from Stephen Foster to Elvis Costello.
The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer explains why "Oliver's Army" is off the setlist.
Many fans have noted the similarities between Rodrigo's "Good 4 U" and Paramore's 2007 smash single "Misery Business."
The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer stepped in after a fan said Rodrigo's track was a direct lift from "Pump It Up."
Most of us feel obligated to “like” everything posted by our friends. But their online selves aren't always so endearing.
The British singer-songwriter also revealed how his mother convinced him to accept the Order of the British Empire title.
The singer has scrapped the remaining stops on his European tour to recover.
“My Brave Face” clearly stands as the high point of McCartney's post-Beatles songwriting partnerships.
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