e.m. forster

Here again E.M. Forster's mild mannered, ambivalent and often tortured thinking deserves to come to the fore. The classic liberal finds his or her views more threatened then ever in our current climate.
Writers gonna write, and readers gonna read -- no matter what distractions you throw at us.
All of us have been vastly empowered by modern communications technology - and this is a good thing. The question remains, however, whether we might somehow strive to find a better balance between too much connectedness and total silence.
Christopher Isherwood (1904-86) was an Anglo-American writer whose novels, memoirs, plays, and diaries span the 20th century, from his modernist beginnings in the late 1920s to his pathbreaking memoirs of the 1970s.
This week's episode features Johann, a South African man who grew up closeted and lonely until he discovered the gay community in a place he could never have imagined as a child: at a screening of Drag Race, hosted by Seattle performer Ben DeLaCreme.
"compares social media, with their constant prompts for more interaction and feedback, to snack foods that are packed with
What does an unreliable narrator tell us about ourselves?
A version of this article has appeared under the same name in World Policy Blog. Yet, "generalizations are by definition
he question of whether a politician reads at all is a good one, and should be asked and answered more often. But the question of which books a politician has loved throughout his or her lifetime must be asked and answered.
via Flavorwire. Regardless of whether you're booking your flight today or simply have a bad case of wanderlust; whether Italy