email marketing

If you're sending out more than you're getting in, you're not sending email.
Your email list is critical to your long term success. Even more important than social media. So start building it now, and
Content Should Remain King When communicating with Gen Z, marketers should keep email messages image-heavy and text-light
3. There's More Than Email Automation is a little bit more than email, but getting out of the email rut can be tough. Look
For example, Google is penalizing websites that have "interstitials". Meaning any website that has a user-obstructing pop
Once expected to be a new source of revenue for brands, buy buttons are not realizing their potential for marketing success
Whenever I walk into a meeting with TV folks, there's one thing I always hear: "Did you read Cynopsis today?" Cynopsis Media's
With my very first guest post I was able to collect 800 new subscribers from my post on Fast Company (in just under 5 hours
Responsive design is critical for web browsers as well. If email marketers are including links to sites and the respective
We imagine that most readers' inner-dialogues go something like this: "Looks like there's a new Wistia feature. Hmm. Do I
You need to start paying attention to email marketing for ecommerce. Here's why: And it's fun for the customer, too. Oh, and
2. Write, publish and repeat That`s really the formula of the authors Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt who not only wrote
2. E-mail Marketing People love contests and giveaways. Whenever you can encourage marketing from your customers in exchange
Retail marketers are approaching one of their busiest times of year -- the holiday shopping season -- and it's easy for them to get caught up in the stress of this planning period and lose their heads, much like the Headless Horseman in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."
As a blogger and online business owner, I am constantly researching ways to gain more traffic and reach more people. Over and over again I see people stressing over the importance of an email list.
Unfortunate fact of the day: your blog's homepage is getting in the way of people reading your articles.
The air has a crisp bite to it, and leaves are beginning to turn. Autumn is now here, and winter isn't far behind it. For email marketers, this season is devoted to preparing for the busy seasonal sales ahead. In a way, they can take a cue from farmers by harvesting healthy contact lists from their fields of customer data and storing their most fruitful campaigns for future success.
Every week, I receive yet another unsolicited newsletter in my inbox from a LinkedIn connection. I can only assume that some brilliant marketer(s) out there has advised people to export their LinkedIn contacts and add them to their "list".