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Petraeus is a courtier, something of a "smack" in the parlance. But he is brilliant and very knowledgeable. West Point summa
For a long time, the country has been obsessed with Hillary Clinton's emails. There has been an almost total press blackout, however, on another, far more serious White House email scandal.
Jackie and Dunlap on Colin Powell's email hack. Dunlap can't quit saying "dicking bimbos." But then, neither can you, probably. Also: Trump, Hillary, Bush, goats, Dr. Oz, Colin Kaepernick.
Over the past 12 years, I have had the privilege of helping over 300 organizations in 50 countries, including 100 Fortune 500 companies, get control of their email. I can see how Hillary Clinton struggled.
Democrats agree that Hillary Clinton's savage foreign policy takedown of Donald Trump was awesomely overpowering. But why
In a TMFS rant, we break down the State Department report and discuss why Democrats should care about Hillary Clinton's email
The Post certainly didn't lie; it simply made a big mistake. But corrections never do catch up with mistakes. And combined with a widespread and generally unwarranted mistrust of Clinton by the American people, those mistakes will certainly make her life and candidacy even more difficult.
"We made clear that I'm happy to answer any questions that anybody might have. And I stand by that."
From emails to weapons deals and foreign donors, Bernie Sanders should address every concern pertaining to controversy and ethical issues related to Hillary Clinton. If the email scandal reminds Bob Woodward of Watergate, voters should be informed of the similarities.
CNN's Brian Stelter On Why Fox Cut Away From Benghazi Hearing