Cold emailing is now a very prevalent tactic used for building connections for getting us where we envision ourselves sometime down the road.
To stand out, your email needs to be quick to read, understand and answer. (And that doesn't just go for emails to influencers. You can use these tips for every email you send.)
Often, I will carry a letter around in my purse for weeks, until I have an interlude and setting suitable for responding. Rereading the letter, I like to glance back and forth between different sections to be sure I have taken in the details where the pain or joy resides. All of this is part of encompassing the gift that a friend has finally unburdened herself or opened her heart.
Nothing drives people crazier than an email where someone sends over a lot of information but doesn't say what they'd like you to do. I often respond to those immediately by asking: What do you want me to do?
HuffPost Blogger Jennifer Benjamin has come out with a startling confession: When I text, email, and IM, I talk like a freaking preteen.
No, I don't take selfies, I don't twerk, and I don't follow One Direction, but I use so many acronyms, you'd think I was writing in NSA-level code. My emails are studded with so many exclamation points that the page looks like a paint-splattered Jackson Pollock.
If umbilical cords are cut at birth, then why am I still connected in some ancient, mammalian way to generations of my family -- even though they live 3,000 miles away?
Here's my proposal. Even if you're not an addict, why don't we all show some solidarity with the President by having a No Email Day? Let's all just stop using email for one day.