Cubs fans feel betrayed after leaked emails show billionaire Joe Ricketts knocked Islam as "a thing of evil" and Muslims as "my (our) enemy."
A report has revealed that Ivanka Trump used her personal email for government business.
“This is the same Ivanka Trump who is related to Donald Trump?" asked host Joe Scarborough.
“She was the worst offender in the White House,” one insider told The Washington Post of Trump's eldest daughter.
The Department of Justice isn’t the only one that struggles with copy and paste.
Ben Carson said he wasn't aware of the $31,000 price tag for his office dining set, but emails tell a different story.
"Late Show" host slams the latest claims from the president's son.
Who Is Emin Agalarov? The Russian pop star who helped broker Don Jr.’s Russian meeting has more than a few things in common with the first son.
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Rudy Giuliani Doesn't Rule Out Prosecuting Hillary Clinton
So go on, exactly as you did before, fighting for a winning campaign, working to bring our Hillary to the White House: a
Clinton's continuing email problems can't make Trump into what he isn't and never was.
For my part -- and with my vote -- I'm choosing the path toward "Liberty and Justice for ALL." In a national forum, Trump
No matter the final outcome, most Americans will be relieved the presidential election is finally over.
I wish I could say that I were sorry, Donald, but you are an existential threat to all that is good, true and beautiful in this world, and everyone with an ounce of humanity wants you crawl back under your rock and leave the rest of us alone.
Republicans like Hugh Hewitt are now worried that the new group of emails have nothing whatsoever to do with Secretary of State Clinton, and thus she may receive exoneration. After all, Trump has already called Comey a hero, (unlike John McCain who, according to the draft-dodger, was not a hero because he was captured).
Hillary Clinton On FBI Email Probe: 'There Is No Case'