emanuel church shooting

Thank you. Before watching your monologue this morning I was numb. Perhaps it was after the Walter Scott video was shown over and over again or the pending repeat of the Parsley Massacre in the Dominican Republic.
Charleston’s historic Emanuel Church held its first Sunday service since last week’s shooting when nine people, including the pastor, were killed when a gunman opened fire at a bible study.
“I know we talk about race a lot on this show, but I think we can all agree this time that this is a racially motivated attack
Ministers used the invocation to pray for Wednesday's victims, naming each of them. Charleston police stood in the vestibule
In the wake of the horrendous racist terrorist attack on Charleston's historic Emanuel AME church that left nine innocent African-American churchgoers and leaders dead, many questions have arisen about hate crimes and extremism in the United States. Here are some answers.
Roof was arrested on Thursday after a florist in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, noticed his vehicle. He was taken into custody
As a white, nearly lifelong resident of Charleston, I feel obligated to say in defiance of my usual self-censorship. While they may and often do dwell together, hatred and mental illness are not the same. Hatred is not a mood disorder. Hatred is inert violence. And we are all susceptible to its intrusions.
Roof, who is white, was arrested Thursday in Shelby, North Carolina, and was returned to Charleston to face murder and hate
A Facebook photo surfaced on Thursday showing Roof wearing a jacket adorned with two patches that have long been linked to
Last night’s tragic shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina has left many people