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One official said the Obama administration was concerned that the report's publication could ignite a "tinder box" in Middle
In Saudi Arabia, the Riyadh embassy and the consulates in Jeddah and Dhahran remained closed, as did the US embassy in neighbouring
'NEW NORM' The department offers incentives such as danger pay and shorter tours. Unaccompanied posts can be just 12 months
In the wake of Benghazi, greater embassy security has bipartisan support. But from Kabul to Baghdad, our embassies are more like fortresses -- too fearsome, intimidating, and isolated to do the diplomatic work we need.
"It takes funding to protect an embassy," Boxer said during remarks on the Senate floor. "Who cut the funds from embassy
What is most troubling, though not surprising, is how many in the major media have legitimized these crass and partisan Republican attacks and the manner they are being carried out in hearings that are organized so unfairly they resemble the proceedings of a one-party Republican state
Perhaps the most symbolic testament to Akarsu's courage was the fact that, thanks to him, the U.S. Embassy in Ankara was open for normal services the next business day after the destructive attack.
But the American consulate in Istanbul moved in 2003 from its central location near downtown to a small district 20 minutes