Monsignor Joseph McLoone spent thousands in church donations on men he met on Grindr, Pennsylvania prosecutors say.
The Justice Department asserts the San Diego Republican was taking women skiing, out to drinks and to hotel rooms for "personal activities."
Keya Morgan faces felony charges including theft, embezzlement, forgery or fraud against an elder adult, and false imprisonment of an elder adult.
Protesters summoned Rihanna while demanding transparency from university leaders.
Vatican prosecutors have indicted Angelo Caloia and his lawyer over embezzlement losses of more than $60 million.
Jonathan Todd Schwartz stole around $5 million from the singer to support his lavish lifestyle.
What's coming next from Camille Perri? I'm working on the early stages of my next book. It's going to have a lot more sex
I wonder how many youth league sports treasurers are shaking in their boots after hearing about the Chicago cop stealing thousands of dollars from their organization's coffers. Of course, most youth league treasurers are upstanding, honest people. But recently some have not been.
The Catholic Church continues to grow with the population, with about a quarter of Americans identifying as Catholic. But a steady decline in Mass attendance means fewer are putting money in the collection plate on Sundays.