The FDA has cracked down on the doctor who created the first three-parent embryo, which could have widespread implications for other advancements in the controversial field of human genetic modification.
But before jumping into the history of this phenomenon, let's look at why the practice exists in the first place. Typically
For a trait to be "programmed" with gene editing, it needs to meet two criteria. The first (and failed) experiment of human
How does an embryo go from being a lump of cells to a full-fledged nervous system? After all, observing how the embryos of
Illustrating the complicated process in which the facial features develop wasn't easy, graphics researcher David Barker told
The finds were described in the March issue of the journal Historic Biology. Check out the video below for more insight into
More traits Face shape and finger length aren't the only traits associated with digit ratio and developmental testosterone
Since the pro-lifers came up with this awesome personhood idea, I've been dating an ovum named Emily. She's a babe. Obviously, we can't have sex because that would form an embryo, which is a no-no, but we can do... um... everything else.
The bills some lawmakers have proposed have nothing to do with race and gender equality; they are all about restricting women's reproductive decisions by subjecting them to greater state surveillance.
The stem cell ban imposed by Bush was based on an untenable moral framework compounded by biological illiteracy and religious zeal. It might be appropriate to the Taliban but not for us.