embryonic stem cells

Acceptance of premarital sex in general and sex between teens in particular has risen dramatically since 2002. Having children
And by the way, there is still a Democratic Party, though one that has less power than it has for about 90 years. In the
Nancy Reagan set an example of love and loyalty that cannot be surpassed. She stood by her loved one for a decade of suffering. If we truly wish to show her respect, we should consider the path she blazed before us.
I believe that we as bioethicists have a responsibility to try and bring to the surface the underlying forces that that shape the ethical boundaries of a particular debate in a country versus another. Political, social and economic factors shape ethics and policy making as they shape science and technology in different ways in different countries.
Republican Rep. Tom Kirby, who has served since 2012, has posted a list of his top issues on his website. Among them he names
Deep in a freezer, suspended in preservative fluid, lie two of my embryos. They are part of my little one's cohort. The two that were ok but not great. The two we left frozen in the event that my little Jude wasn't to be. I neurotically like having a back up plan. Not just for me, but for my sisters.
When Hina Chaudhry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine heard that women in the last few months of pregnancy have the highest rate of recovery from heart failure, she wondered whether it might be the fetal cardiomyocytes that are doing the repair. Chaudhry has confirmed her suspicions.
(Updates throughout with response from Nature, more details, expert comment) The Japanese researchers, joined by others from
"Whether human cells would respond in a similar way to comparable environmental cues ... remains to be shown," he said in
LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists have succeeded in generating new stem cells in living mice and say their success opens up possibilities
In the eleven years since my youngest children were born, twin daughters, thanks to IVF, who joined a similarly IVF-enabled sister, we've scarcely discussed their scientific beginnings.
Since the 1950s when researchers cloned a frog, scientists have cloned dozens of animal species, including mice, cats, sheep
Scientists have finally recovered stem cells from cloned human embryos, a longstanding goal that could lead to new treatments for such illnesses as Parkinson's disease and diabetes.
Biomedical engineer Utkan Demirci, of Harvard University Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, has done pioneering
"One would hope that Gov. Romney would not pick a fight that's going to consume a lot of time, potentially hand him a loss
Understandably, just that phrase evokes all kinds of different reactions from people. All kinds of emotions. They might reflect
Romney has an opportunity to break with the more extreme elements of his party on an issue that has consistently shown to be important to the American people, and one that he supported for a time as governor: federal embryonic stem cell research.
HuffPost Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria speaks with Dr. David Scadden to learn the facts and fictions surrounding current stem cell treatments.
2012-05-21-Screenshot20120521at3.05.45PM.jpgIn the future, stem cells may hold the key to treating some of mankind's most challenging diseases. Unfortunately, the future is not now. And stem cell scammers know this all too well.