What have the highlights and challenges been during your tenure at EMC? My experience, not just as a woman, but as a woman
Must we trade bundles of assets in mega-billion dollar packages before we can streamline them? We'll have to wait to see how the strategies behind this deal play out -- but smart remixing of a bundle of resources is often better than selling them in bulk to the deepest pocket.
We now stand at a crossroads. However unintentional, humans are responsible for climate change. It is time we own up to that and deal with the problem in earnest. For what we do today will forever determine our future trajectory. Could this crisis be the impetus that moves us to the next stage of civilization or to extinction?
And Michael, the man running this private company, has repeatedly chortled about the cherished perk of being able to do pretty
The combined business will create the world's biggest privately held integrated technology company.
The world's best workplaces are getting better in large part because their leaders see a high-trust culture as an absolute business imperative today.
If the first machine age was about the automation of manual labor and horsepower, the second machine age is about the automation of knowledge work.
At long last, Edward Snowden seems to have sparked a vital public debate about the U.S. national security state and its activities in South America. It may not be so easy, however, to disentangle the thorny web of corporate influence.
Q. You made publishing history with your book, America 24/7, by inviting the public to shoot and submit photos alongside
We may not be keeping pace with these pressures, but leading companies continue to evolve more sustainable strategies and tactics. Let's look at some top macro- and company-level stories.
Ron Perez, director of security architecture at AMD, said the alliance grew out of an ad hoc group of industry executives
If we truly value humanity, life and all that it represents in its highest form, then we need to do all that we can to promote quality of life over the quantity of life.
The potential impact of "data computing" cannot be overstated. Companies' ability to make data-driven decisions in real time is a trend that "has the potential to drive a radical transformation in research, innovation, and marketing."
• Ask the nursing staff ahead of time if it's okay to bring in food. The patient may be on a liquid diet and it would be
So now, in addition to using TARP money to buy jets, throw parties, redecorate offices and bailout the NBA before lending