“There are millions of traumatized people in our country, and the need is bigger than what we can do."
When Jamie puts a slow piece on, my feet plant themselves in one spot. Now only my arms are dancing -- slowly, as if delicately
Just as the safety announcements on airplanes urge you to put on your own oxygen mask first, make sure you have the tools to change your negative responses so you can focus on also taking care of your children.
Lead Agencies Responsible for Researching Treatments of War Stress Injury? "Mullen" of course, is former Joint Chiefs Chairman
Any relationship break-up can be tough, but divorce can feel like a blow.
There has never been an investigation, ceremonial firings, media outrage, or congressional hearings as to "why" the nation has failed again to meet the mental health needs of the warrior class.
Institutional military medicine is deserving of at least some liability for the steady drum beat of war stress injuries and misconduct stress behaviors.
We've all heard the phrase "life is suffering." Unfortunately, some people misinterpret this to mean there is nothing they can do about their unhappiness.
Experiencing anger is part of the human experience. It is what we choose to do with it that determines whether it will lead to a breakdown or breakthrough.
One of the most dramatic, butt-kicking examples of an effective new treatment tool for posttraumatic stress is a simple protocol called Nightmare Reprocessing, devised by two V.A. psychologists.
Positive psychology may be worthwhile for corporate team building and personal growth, but does it have the mojo to counter the profound despair and disorientation that comes from the horrors of combat?
Week #3 I'm a little better at taking the supplements, cutting out bread when given the choice, but explaining firmly to