In case of emergency, the President can now send alerts to your cell phone.
What if effective diagnostics, vaccines and medicines to test, prevent and treat Ebola had been available at the beginning
The following are recommended questions to ask your doctor and hospital prior to your stay:
Solution: Credit card and quercetin. If you need to remove the bee's stinger, don't use tweezers. Use a credit card from
Last year alone, 60 million people were forcibly displaced from their homes due to disasters or conflicts and half were children
The ability to make and receive payments electronically has emerged, in recent years, as a technology hero during natural disasters and health pandemics. At a time when more people than ever are affected by conflict and crisis, there is good news.
After a disaster, when stress may be ubiquitous and access to medications scant, routine cases of cardiovascular disease, cancer, lung disease and diabetes can quickly evolve into life-threatening emergencies.
New Zealand (still usable) There was no need to standardise until relatively recently. Since the introduction of the first
Please, famous people -- don't push your pilots. Yeah, the aircraft and its convenience are yours to command, but accommodating
As members of a community it is extra important for us to not be sharing false information, to be extra calm and careful