Create "defensible space" around your home. Get your valuables packed. And if you're told to evacuate, do it.
No one should ever have to prepare for a mass shooting, but these safety tips might save your life.
The Tubbs Fire was the most destructive in California’s history and left a lasting impact on both survivors and firefighters.
The driver said he was taking her to a hotel instead of the airport. He refused to let her out, then unlocked the car doors once her screams drew attention.
A passenger said the engine "hit a window and busted it wide open."
The South African city plans to shut off its water on April 12, unless dam water levels go up.
Both images are supposed to represent what an emergency employee saw when he triggered the false alarm.
I think most of our lives we read about tragedies and hard stuff and breathe a sigh of relief and think that it will never
Aim to be more selfish in your time and in your actions. The more that you choose to do for yourself, the more capable you
Sort of makes you really think about what's a real EE-mergency, and what ain't. After we shook hands, I noticed a very large
If all goes as planned, in 18 days the hatch will open and our one-year mission to simulated space will end.
I know I worry more than most and if I'm honest I could let fear take hold of me just leaving the house because there really
As an ER doctor, I've seen countless patients whose lives were saved by a quick-thinking and knowledgeable bystander or loved one. We never know where life may lead -- and every single one of us can learn these life-saving techniques. (Cue ER theme music).