Emergency management

"At every turn, the Trump administration has failed to live up to its trust responsibility to tribes across the country," fumed Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.).
“Social distancing and other CDC guidance to keep you safe from COVID-19 may impact the disaster preparedness plan you had in place," a FEMA official warns.
Dr. Irwin Redlener, director of Columbia University's National Center for Disaster Preparedness, ripped Trump's mixed messages as "based on ignorance."
GOP Rep. Chip Roy objected to what would have been a unanimous bill because it did not have funding for the southern U.S. border.
How disability rights advocates want to change the landscape of disaster response.
We take media coverage of natural disasters for granted ― until reporters don’t show up.
A recent study found that about one-third of deaths in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria were a result of interruption of medical care. These steps could help.
Like much of Central America, Honduras on an active earthquake zone. Active volcanos, landslides, wildfires, and flooding threaten Honduras by land. Tsunamis, hurricanes, and storm surges threaten Honduras from the sea.
Effectively, what we are seeing in Detroit are two different disciplines -- abstract finance on one hand and urban planning and design on the other -- telling two very different stories about the same city.
Rachael Ray is many things to many people - a favorite television personality, a bestselling author, a teacher, and a philanthropist. To homeless dogs and cats, Rachael is a rock star who is pulling out all the stops to save them.