emergency responders

As Hurricane Harvey showed, work is already becoming more treacherous for first responders.
Whatever our stories - wherever we were on September 11, 2001 - our 9/11 generation remembers the horrific moment when the attacks were seared into the American psyche.
We have taken it upon ourselves to carry the encumbrance of all that should have been done. Even though these thoughts of conjecture bare no fact, they have somehow embedded themselves into the already troubled minds and hearts of the responders.
The Internet and mobile devices transformed how we communicate, and though the potential for abuse exists, they offer opportunities for improving our daily lives, even physical safety.
Durand Ford Jr., of Washington, D.C., was grieving. Now he's seething. D.C. Fire and EMS came under fire in August for allegedly
A massive emergency response exercise is scheduled for the Chicago area beginning Sunday. The practice events spread over
In what I think may be the most poignant picture of the obesity epidemic, it was reported today that 3 out of 4 military-age Americans are unfit for service.