emergency room

Dealing with a pandemic isn't exactly like dealing with a hurricane, but it's not entirely different either.
Dr. Craig Spencer says he's afraid to take off his mask to drink water at work. He's pleading with people to stay home.
Once you've treated victims of a school shooting, you can't stomach "thoughts and prayers" anymore.
Glass shower doors can spontaneously shatter, sending people to emergency rooms every year.
An Emergency Room Doctor was suspended from a hospital after mocking a patient who was having an anxiety attack.
I have graphic surgery videos bookmarked online like other people save images of shoes they want to buy.
The emergency room employees saving your life are not worthy of your scorn.
Another reason for the decreased supply of available emergency care is that very good doctors leave clinical practice because
Everything's getting disjointed; people are going to ERs and urgent care clinics instead, and then their primary doc has
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