Emerging markets

Facebook Inc’s shares lost as much as a quarter of their value on Wednesday.
1. The Brazilian economy has indeed gone through a full credit cycle, and it is currently on its downward phase. Positive
The favorable external scenario supported growth in several ways. Rising commodity prices provided a fiscal windfall, used
6. Sunshine Lencho: Co-founder of Supernova Women. Supernova Women is an organization that offers networking for women of
Nikunj Jinsi, global head of IFC's venture capital investment group, said that the plans are ambitious, but there is new
2016 will be the fifth consecutive year with global GDP growth below its long-term average of 3.7 percent (1990-2007), and 2017 may well be the sixth.
Emerging markets are at a basic stage in which protective benefits dominate. Products are often unbranded or locally produced
A propensity to undergo periodic episodes of instability and volatility in global financial markets will persist. Get ready for a continuous dispute between the two financial tales about EM, as well as to increasing efforts of differentiation among their assets.
Surely, it is too soon to understand all the ramifications of the British referendum. But at the same time, today is surely a good day to make the case for multilateralism.
So what does this mean for investors? These dynamics help explain why we're living in a world of lower yields and harder