Emerging markets

Facebook Inc’s shares lost as much as a quarter of their value on Wednesday.
5. Monetary policy effectiveness was negatively affected by the fact that the credit channel of transmission received contradictory
Indeed, even without substantial productivity gains, the Brazilian economy went through a period of macroeconomic stability
*Originally published on BlackEnterprise.com So there you have it, our roundup of entrepreneurs of color in the cannabis
I'll put it the other way: there is a lot that the private sector can do the IFC cannot. As for us, what we can do is that
2016 will be the fifth consecutive year with global GDP growth below its long-term average of 3.7 percent (1990-2007), and 2017 may well be the sixth.
Trend Arbitrage. Other factors being equal, economies--and consumer motivations--evolve in predictable ways. As markets progress
A propensity to undergo periodic episodes of instability and volatility in global financial markets will persist. Get ready for a continuous dispute between the two financial tales about EM, as well as to increasing efforts of differentiation among their assets.
Surely, it is too soon to understand all the ramifications of the British referendum. But at the same time, today is surely a good day to make the case for multilateralism.
Rick Rieder, Managing Director, is BlackRock's Chief Investment Officer of Global Fixed Income and is a regular contributor
If the plumbing existed today we might applaud what looked like a disruptive strategy - go to the markets where your competitors
The government has made the agricultural sector a priority, with programs focused on areas including the clearing of land
Our first interviewee, Rita, runs a successful architectural practice in Maputo, Mozambique.
Financial services are central to people's lives. They are needed to better manage day-to-day affairs, and they are crucial to protect from downside risks and to capture long-term opportunities. Traditional financial services have left too many working families behind.
With less than two months before the elections, the presidential race in the Philippines is as tight as you can get. According to one survey, four presidential candidates are essentially tied.
Finally, commentary. Each leader will gather data on entrepreneurs coming into their program and track long-term progress
Capital outflows from emerging market economies have substantially accelerated since last year. The cycle of intense debt leveraging that took place in those economies after the 2008 crisis has also started to reverse.
Logically, there is an irony in that without Free Basics or the Google initiative, the inequality is even greater with 80 percent of the population without any internet access. However, given the context, the logic is lost.
Developing countries and emerging market economies have benefited from opportunities to transfer technology from abroad and to undergo domestic structural transformation via trade integration.
The Paris conference on climate change was quite the cliffhanger. Even till the last minute, we were left wondering: Will Paris be another Copenhagen, where, famously, the deal had unravelled?