Emerging technologies

Chef Sam Talbot explores an emerging technology that could ink permanent change for those struggling with diabetes.
Facial recognition software often does not properly identify darker-skinned people.
We've endured the desktop era, the post-PC era, the smartphone era, and don't forget the comically overused "year of mobile." Now we're seeing glimpses of the post-mobile era, characterized by virtual reality and augmented reality.
Humanity can overcome every single known danger. But accomplishing this will require the smartest groups working together for the common good of human survival. So, how do we ensure that we have the smartest groups working to solve the problem? Get women involved.
The U.S. and Canada are both industrialized societies with strong institutions and little corruption. Language and laws are
Today, the country has largely come back from the financial crisis and unemployment is at a multi-year low, but millions of Americans continue to struggle with depressed or negative net wealth, casting a worrying pale over their financial future.
For developing nations in particular, opportunity lies in the minds of its inhabitants. Most importantly, youth inhabitants.
Here, I examine the implications of technological breakthroughs such as precise genetic engineering, additive manufacturing, and artificial intelligence, in developing economies such as Nigeria.
These days, with scientific knowledge proliferating so rapidly and in such a seemingly undifferentiated torrent, how can one hope to mark the genesis of new areas of specialized investigation?
Popular shows like Modern Family and Project Runway have brought this kind of experience to the mass market, allowing fans to engage second-by-second in the storyline.