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Boholuv: Fringe, embroidered embellishments, so-called ethnic details and loose, flowy garments are stock elements in my
He was one of the titans of the genre, leading the charge for musicians of the time, and inspiring artists of the future.
The "Jimi Hendrix of keyboards" died Thursday night.
JM: Learn your craft as much as you can learn it. You never quite know what niche you're going to figure in. A lot of people
Tobias Campbell shoots and edits Noan Chenfeld's video "I'm Just A Soul" just like a pro, employing the teen singer-songwriter's emotional delivery and bipedalism to make use of Central Park's beautiful snowed-under bleakness.
"There's a great music scene in Austin, but if you really want to be seen by the right people and have the right opportunities, you need to be based in Los Angeles. Then again, because of the Internet, anything is possible from anywhere."
It's refreshing that a young, promising group like Arctic Monkeys and its producers were smart enough to reinvent the brand before it got stale and formulaic, which this project absolutely is not.