Emily Dickinson

A majority of Americans disapprove of the current administration's aims. Activists are providing them a place to stand, opposed and in a circle of hope.
Take a deep breath for a moment and center within. Quietly listen to your heart beat and the rhythm of your soul’s deepest
I am not a curiosity to be experienced, nor someone to be pitied.
The term ‘aphorism” comes from the Greek “Aphorismos”. Hippocrates is the first one known to use it-as the title of a book
The actress also opens up about resisting Trump and her thoughts on Emily Dickinson's sexuality.
From Polar Caskets - fetched me - The Chimney - and the Hill - And just the Steeple's finger - These - never stir at all
For me, the School of Rock Gives Back tour that I just got off was a way to go out and thank everyone who voted for me on
Helen Vendler is a national treasure, and at least as deserving of a Kennedy Center Honor from the President as some of the