Emily Hampshire

An investigation by KSDK showed that the girl's Type I diabetes was diagnosed twice, and her mother was informed both times.
The singer-songwriter gushed about her actress fiancée in a series of Instagram posts.
"I love her so much," said singer-songwriter Geiger, who came out as transgender last year.
Two recent low-budget productions demonstrated the trickiness of trying to wrestle a complicated story filled with complex characters into a manageable format that can hold its audience's attention while keeping to a reasonable time frame.
As part of their "Best of 2012" series, the good folks at MOMI are screening David Cronenberg's film adaptation of the great Don Delilo's 2000 novel, Cosmopolis. Both are worth your time. Note to purists: skip this review, the film, and read the book first.
With so many action movies and shoot-em-ups, it's nice to find some respite with a good old-fashioned noir, one focused on characters in one charismatic location.