emily st. john mandel

The 10 reads -- from Emily St. John Mandel, Raven Leilani, Marie-Helene Bertino and more -- that added joy, clarity and color to my year.
Those who get published, who are on stage and who sell their art did get rejected too. The difference is they persevered and made the most out of their rejections.
Behind every strong woman writer is an inspiring fictional character.
The book is a series of little bits of overlapping color that finally create a full picture.
After an efficient strain of the flu wipes out civilization in a handful of days (fevers, air travel, overcrowded hospitals
I know what you are thinking, "Another post-apocalyptic novel? Please, no." And usually, I'm with you. I have dystopian future fatigue, too.
The first annual Indie Booksellers' Choice Awards were presented last night in a standing-room only ceremony hosted by comedian
Let me first be clear: I love touring. I love bookstore events. A great many of my favorite memories transpired in independent
I have asked a few writers whom I admire to talk about where they write. Here are their responses.
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