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The two got hitched in the Bahamas without the bloodshed of their fictional wedding on the ABC series.
It's so refreshing to see writer/director Marya Cohn's new film The Girl in the Book tackle these complexities head-on--she handles sensitive scenes with tact and pragmatism, and delves deeply into the lasting effects of adolescent sexual abuse.
We became addicted to "Revenge" after binge-watching the series last summer. From the modern-day "Gatsby" storyline to the
There was an "Everwood" reunion at Sarah Drew's house. "Grey's Anatomy" star Drew, "Revenge" star Emily VanCamp, "Rookie
“Control” – Emily may be losing hold of her plan, and her groom, when Daniel makes a startling statement at the Voulez magazine
Sneak peek of "Revenge" episode titled "Control."
(h/t to Towleroad). "Revenge" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. The scene may contain spoilers for the avid viewer who didn't
There's also Emily and Jack kissing, Charlotte looking up to no good, Conrad keeling over and Nolan being Nolan -- both in
Emily VanCamp tells NYLON that she's had it with paparazzi. "It should be illegal for people to stalk you with cameras," the
"Revenge" Season 3 will kick off with guns blazing. Literally. A new promo (embedded above) for the ABC primetime soap's