eminent domain

The Republican Party is facing a serious crisis of identity. On the one hand, they stand up for property rights in their
Am I the only one who's noticed some really rotten moves by some wealthy business people and corporations?
When Trump critics look outside the United States to find examples of presidential treachery, they - however inadvertently
IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): U.N. Agency Proposes Limits on Airlines' Carbon Emissions; Sea-Level Rise 'Could
As the GOP campaign focus turns to Florida, Trump should emphasize the policy role of eminent domain, ignored by Bush and Rubio not for ideological reasons but because they would never bite the sugary hands that feed them.
The current status of eminent domain law in the United States, however, doesn't square with Cruz's, and now Bush's, fear-mongering over the issue. In essence, Cruz and Bush are trying to make Trump the boogeyman here. And while there may indeed be plenty of grounds for pinning that moniker on Trump, eminent domain does not appear to be one of them.
A high-energy clash between the two Republican presidential candidates.
Big oil lost a skirmish in late December when North Dakota Grand Forks District Judge Debbie Kleven ordered Canada's Enbridge Energy Partners to pay farmland owner James Botsford $45 thousand of $60 thousand in attorney fees.
You can't have progressive government without leaving skin on the sidewalk. That's the essence of Professor Jedediah Purdy's jeremiad against Professor Ilya Somin's recent book, The Grasping Hand: Kelo v. City of New London and the Limits of Eminent Domain.
"From 5,000 people marching in St. Paul this summer to last month's occupation of an Enbridge office in Duluth, the movement
Bill has been fighting for months to stop a state university from seizing the property his family has owned since just after World War II -- and he's about to lose.
The repeated conservative attacks on Donald Trump have failed, because they are off the mark. Candidates like Rick Perry, Rand Paul, and Bobby Jindal did not have the positive image and standing to attack, and they came across as desperate and petulant bottom-feeders.
It is time for The Argus Leader to tell "the rest of the story" and provide the people of South Dakota with information from
If the government can take land from Bill Tong, Garrick Beil and the homeowners in New London, Connecticut, the same thing can and will continue to happen to other property owners across the county.
In one swoop, on June 22, 2015, a divided U.S. Supreme Court handed down three consecutive rulings affirming the right of raisin farmers, hotel owners and prison inmates.
The Congressional Republicans' willingness to turn their backs on the "sanctity" of private property rights demonstrates a lack of genuine belief in anything beyond "feed the kitty." You'd think Democrats would be on this like a chicken on a June bug.
Republicans do not rank their policy talking points from the most important to the least. Instead, they find those that resonate at the most basic level, and that can be easily drummed into peoples' psyches.