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The airline will stop nearly all passenger flights this week and cut staff wages because of the coronavirus impact on travel demand.
British Airways, KLM and Emirates are among the companies steering clear of the area as tensions run high.
Flight 203 landed at New York's JFK Airport on Wednesday morning.
All 275 passengers and crew escaped from the burning fuselage and were evacuated to safety.
Second, airline financial information is easy to model - many expense calculations are a function of distance, for example
One of the fibs that the Gulf airlines and their supporters keep repeating is that U.S. airlines are being "protectionist," which couldn't be further from the truth. American, Delta, and United don't need protection from competition.
Six months into the trade dispute between the massively subsidized Gulf airlines -- Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways -- and U.S. network carriers, the tactics of the two sides have become familiar.
Open Skies agreements have served U.S. carriers very well, enabling them to grow overseas, and to partner with European and Asian airlines to expand their networks. But U.S. airlines cannot - and should not have to - compete with airlines with short paths to enormous government treasuries.
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Judging from the popularity of the Broadway show “Boeing Boeing” and plans for a television
Shahzad became a naturalized U.S. citizen last year shortly before traveling to Pakistan, a federal law enforcement official