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The "Aloha" star sat down with Diane Keaton for her cover story in Interview magazine, for which the two reflected on their
Emma Stone was escorted by her mom Krista as she walked the red carpet at the 2015 Oscars on Sunday. Follow Huffington Post's
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Some people think it's a serious faux pas to dress like their significant other, but the truth is couples that sync their
When Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield stepped out for breakfast in New York City on Tuesday, they knew the paparazzi would
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield make one seriously cute Hollywood couple, and it's not hard to see why. Another point of cuteness
I suspect that Emma and Andrew have a deep respect for one another. They appear to be two equals who can challenge each other without hostility, and embrace the values of sensitivity and assertiveness.
Clearly Emma Stone is not shy about educating her boyfriend in all matters relating to feminism (who knew that Spidey's secret power was a feminist girlfriend?!), but we thought Andrew Garfield might find additional inspiration in these awesome quotes from male celebrities who are unabashed feminists.
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are not only one of Hollywood's most adorable couples, but they also have the sort of relationship where they can call each other on their bullshit. And that's exactly what Stone did when Garfield made a misguided comment about femininity.
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are not only one of Hollywood's most adorable couples, but they also have the sort of relationship
We all know Emma Stone as America's favorite funny girl but that might be changing soon. The actress, famous for her roles
Emma Stone's much-deserved Vogue cover is here, and the red haired "Spider-Man" star is as charming and affable as you'd
Well, Emma has obviously never had a problem displaying her individuality on the red carpet. Emma Stone wowed (once again
Appearing alongside Stone and Garfield were co-stars Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan. Emma Stone may be playing Gwen Stacy in
Last month the red-headed beauty freaked out after chatting with Scary Spice in Australia, and now she's freaking out again
Stone and Garfield were joined by co-star Jamie Foxx, who decided to get in on the fun and make the couple squirm in their
"Did you focus group it? How did you actually get it right?" the interviewer continued. "It takes a lot of consideration
Garfield, 30, and Stone, 25, looked like they were having a blast as they attempted to stay steady on their longboards, and
It's hard for actors to have chemistry on set without it being rooted in something, well, real. Check out all of the celebrity
Some newlyweds get big names like Mike Tyson and John Travolta to grace them with their presence on their special day. Others