Emmanuel ame church

Spirituality should be about embracing who you are, developing your own sense of belief, and walking boldly in the fullness of your potential. Instead of succumbing to the pressure of treading against or thriving for an idea of perfection that's forever out of reach, be empowered by the process of your spiritual evolution.
Meek was under investigation for making false statements and concealing knowledge about a crime.
Amazing Grace is a song about one man's real and ugly sin. The sin of slavery. At the same time it is a song about the power of forgiveness, a song about looking into the depths of very real evil and, even there, especially there, finding grace that is bigger than all the hate.
It is interesting to listen to members of the media discuss the state of his mental health rather than his racist attitudes and beliefs. Had he been a person of color, or Muslim, he would have been designated as either a thug or a terrorist and the integrity of entire groups of people and communities would have to bear the cost for his actions.
The most amazing thing has been the public reaction of the victims' families, who have, as they say, refused to let the mass murders push them into hatred. Instead of calling for revenge, or even "justice," they offered forgiveness. It is the strongest affirmation of nonviolence I have ever heard.
Once black issues stop being black issues, once Latino issues stop being Latino issues -- when they're just issues -- that's we have something. I preach to everyone, go outside your demographic and join their struggle. Even if it's not at your front door. Show them you're there.
As a member of President Clinton's Race Initiative 20 years ago, we put race on the table. Since then, no one wants to have the serious conversation. There's a war going on. America needs to deal with the 3 R's, not reading, 'riting and 'rithemetic, but Race, Religion and respect for women. We're losing the war.
Why does our society automatically assume white male domestic terrorists must simply be mentally ill instead of hateful racists -- as commentators are suggesting in the coverage - brushing murders off as if the guy just couldn't help it?
We need not be slaves to fear. We need not be drawn into a pitiful, fear-based gun culture and arm ourselves (it's difficult to imagine Jesus encouraging people to hold guns to defend themselves while in church). We need not be slaves to hating those who hate us.