Emmanuel Jal

Meanwhile, Marin contacted Jal to ask him to recruit Sudanese actors for the film. Duany, a longtime pal, was among his recommendations
It took 14 years for screenwriter Margaret Nagle to bring the wonderfully touching and inspiring "The Good Lie" to the screen. Reese Witherspoon and Corey Stoll are in the cast, but they are supporting players.
Film audiences may flock to The Good Lie, a compelling drama because Reese Witherspoon is one of the stars, but they will fall in love with Arnold Oceng, Ger Duany, rapper Emmanuel Jal, and Kuoth Wiel.
Rapper, actor, political activist and former child soldier Emmanuel Jal joins HuffPost Live to discuss how he is bringing voices to those who desperately need to be heard in South Sudan.
"We Want Peace is about putting the spotlight on this evil to mobilize people into action to bring peace. Anybody can be a peace solider. These women are peace soldiers. We are peace soldiers. You are a peace soldier," said Emmanuel Jal.
"Faith is what gives me hope for tomorrow, but my music is the painkiller for today."
In January, Emmanuel Jal and millions of southern Sudanese voted for independence, and on July 9 the Republic of South Sudan will become the world's newest internationally recognized country. But southern Sudan is not out of the woods yet.
The book club was all aflutter. A celebrity author, after all, can get even the most serious bookworm a little exercised
The cellular site is like a Facebook for refugees. You can search as well as leave and accept messages. It's a virtual home
Asia: Indonesia. OIWW's project is in Manado, North Sulawesi - the predominantly Christian minority city in mostly-Muslim
Her May 2009 German release, Saraba - Tales From the Flipside of Paradise, is, at once, a nod to old-school rap and also a blazing new direction for West African Hip-hop.
Jal was born in the village of Tonj in Southern Sudan in the early 1980's (he's not certain of the exact year). When he was
2008-12-09-marcia_silence.jpg In an effort to rally attention to the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Amnesty International is releasing the international song and video, The Price of Silence.
New indie documentary film War Child is a must-see. It tells the sad, courageous story of Emmanuel Jal, a young Sudanese man who was a child soldier during the Sudanese Civil War of the 80s, and became a successful Hip Hop artist.