Emmett Till

The civil rights martyr was memorialized on the shore of the Tallahatchie River in Mississippi, near where his body was discovered in 1955.
“It makes it harder to say it’s not bad,” one recent black graduate said. “To say ‘I’m safe here, Mom, don’t worry.’”
A photo recently circulated of three University of Mississippi students posing with guns beside a bullet-pocked sign honoring the lynching victim.
Their photo at the historic marker to a lynching victim has sparked a possible civil rights investigation and suspension by their fraternity.
Six young men share the anxiety of simply existing in spaces that threaten them daily.
The marker has been replaced twice since it first went up in 2007.
It was true when Emmett Till was lynched, and it's true today.
The 14-year-old Till was brutally beaten and shot for allegedly making sexual advances against a white woman who has since recanted her story.
"Since when are all women honest?" a spokeswoman for the convicted comedian said.
Poets at the Brave New Voices festival address issues of racial violence, immigration, social justice, police brutality and women’s rights.
“You can destroy this marker, but you cannot destroy history.”
We are stuck in a loop of violence and injustice.
Till's cousin wants the DOJ to reopen cases so victims' families can seek justice.
Stop parachuting into discussions about racism for personal gain.
Why the conflict surrounding Dana Schutz's "Open Casket" has only continued to escalate.