Emmett Till

The writer of "Jig-a-Bobo" talked about including Emmett Till, the purpose of Topsy and Bopsy and other hidden symbols in the show.
From civil rights to Black Lives Matter, “we are still in the middle of this moment,” said professor Charles McKinney.
The bill, which was named after Till, comes 120 years after Congress first considered anti-lynching legislation and after dozens of similar efforts were defeated.
In Mississippi, there’s an ongoing debate over who, if anyone, gets to tell the story of Emmett Till.
The civil rights martyr was memorialized on the shore of the Tallahatchie River in Mississippi, near where his body was discovered in 1955.
“It makes it harder to say it’s not bad,” one recent black graduate said. “To say ‘I’m safe here, Mom, don’t worry.’”
A photo recently circulated of three University of Mississippi students posing with guns beside a bullet-pocked sign honoring the lynching victim.
Their photo at the historic marker to a lynching victim has sparked a possible civil rights investigation and suspension by their fraternity.
Six young men share the anxiety of simply existing in spaces that threaten them daily.
The marker has been replaced twice since it first went up in 2007.