Disneyland's boss was not quite sure how to react to these comments and did not understand all this agression. This time
The newest thing: calling cards for boomers - so we can at least remember who we have seen (and in more extreme cases, who we are). They can be simply designed or festooned with intricate details. What they share in common is contact information: our name, email, phone and home address - all prominently displayed to accommodate our growing near-sightedness.
"We Need to Talk" -- Those four words generate a lot of fear no matter if they are texted or not. Here are five strategies to use when transitioning important communication away from texting.
Protecting Your New Relationship from Text -- Like a new born baby, your relationship has a delicate communication soft spot
If you are on the far side of 70, as I am, you may not even know what emoticons and Emojis are, but trust me, your grandchildren do.
Where we're going, we don't need words. Or do we?
America leads the world in an assortment of categories, including meat, royalty, "female-oriented" -- which includes symbols
Given her knack for shapeshifting, Sherman seems like the perfect artist to give us measly texters the images we need to
The point of its new app, IKEA explains, is to "ensure universal love and understanding in your home." With emoticons of
I'm not a formal person, but there are certain expressions that pervade our cultures that I want eliminated or at least greatly curtailed.
Instead of a boring old yellow smiley face or unusable tree sapling, here is a list of emojis displaying typical parenting scenarios -- starring me, a typical parent.
WSF may be the most versatile emoticon, in spite of the fact that it didn't make McSweeny's Important New Emoticons list
People realized that these emoticons could be used to evoke a false sense of emotion. If someone were pissed off for some
Since the vast majority of tweets are publicly viewable, the network is a favorite among researchers looking to study language