The HotPost of the week is about the work of an artist called 'Winigreeni', who brought emoticons/emojis to life. She decided
The newest thing: calling cards for boomers - so we can at least remember who we have seen (and in more extreme cases, who we are). They can be simply designed or festooned with intricate details. What they share in common is contact information: our name, email, phone and home address - all prominently displayed to accommodate our growing near-sightedness.
"We Need to Talk" -- Those four words generate a lot of fear no matter if they are texted or not. Here are five strategies to use when transitioning important communication away from texting.
Disclaimer: If you are not willing or wanting to commit to the development of a healthy relationship... this post is not
If you are on the far side of 70, as I am, you may not even know what emoticons and Emojis are, but trust me, your grandchildren do.